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we hear from our clients

  • After many years in business I want to retire. How can you assist?
    Depending on whether the entrepreneur is involved in the management of the business or it is more of a passive shareholder, there might be different ways to preserve the value created so far and ensure a smooth transition to a new shareholder. A strong management team can play an important role in attracting an investor that can take the company further in its development or even assume a shareholding position. We have done many such transactions (see page “Our clients’ journey”), our involvement spanning from finding the right successor for the business, establishing a valuation range, assisting during the due diligence process up to the support in the negotiation of the transaction documents.
  • I want to purchase a business. Do you offer this service?
    Our team has had numerous buy-side mandates. We can intervene from drafting the business case and quantifying the synergies derived from the potential acquisition to identifying the right targets that maximize the consolidation outcome. We assist the Buyer in the Due diligence process on the Target, in obtaining financing for the acquisition, drafting a consolidated financial model and negotiating the transaction documents. We also can ensure post acquisition monitoring of the integration process and financial performance.
  • I am looking to join forces with a strategic partner. Can you help?
    We have come across this type of request in many transactions (see the “Credentials” page). If you have not yet identified the right partner, we can help profile it, based on your requirements and present you with a long list. Once a short list is agreed with you, we draft a potential transaction structure (equity swap, merger, sale of control or of a minority holding, capital increase, total sale in stages, etc.) and different scenarios. We draft presentation materials explaining the project for the targeted parties, and offer advice and guidance during the entire process until finalizing the transaction.
  • Do you provide the necessary legal and tax advice?
    We do not provide legal and/or tax advise but we work in coordination with all the other advisors involved in a transaction ((industry specialists, legal advisors, tax advisors, environmental advisors, etc.). We work with partners to integrate the full support team in the transaction (legal, tax, environmental advisors, industry specialists, etc.)
  • How long does a company sale/purchase transaction take?
    There are no two identical transactions, the size, the sector specificity, the general economic environment and the structure complexity, all have a bearing on the duration of a transaction. The fastest transaction in which we were part took 3 months, but we have also been involved in transactions that spanned over more than 12 months. On average, a 6 months duration should be considered from first contact to Signing the transaction agreements. Afterwards, depending on the necessary approvals (regulatory requirements, RCC approval, CSAT approval, etc.) a few more months can lapse till Closing.
  • I would like to access equity financing? Do you have expertise in such undertakings?
    Not only are we familiar with the modus operandi of private equity funds, but members of our team are among the pioneers in this sector in Romania. We know well the funds operating in the country and have also access to regional or international funds of different sizes and with different investment strategies. In such transactions we offer full support to local entrepreneurs from contact initiation, to term sheet negotiation and all the way until investment disbursement.